Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Rules and what do you think?

I know that wargames rules are a very personal matter. I have no wish to decry the pleasure of others. As they say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I started with W.R.G 4th or 5th edition, moving on very, very happily to 6th. They provided me with many happy hours at home, wargames club and university. I still look back on these games fondly.
When D.B.A came along I embraced the revolution (I owned 7th but never had a game – they just did little or nothing for me.) and also enjoyed D.B.M. An exciting game could be had in the space of an evening – no book keeping – something that has become more and more important as I have got older and more tired of an evening.
Today we are in an age of a plethora of Rules Sets. I guess this is the sign of a healthy hobby. New rules come out all the time – often beautifully illustrated and presented – wab, fog etc etc! I have found myself over the years buying many sets- often never to use in battle.
For my 15th century games we are looking at two sets at presnt – dbm and a super set called Free Company – written by Anthony Clipsom and available fom a Yahoo group. Free Company seem to offer the best of element style wargaming combined with the things I loved in 6th edition/MW. I will be certainly giving them a try sooner or later.
However for the present I will be majoring upon dbm. I firmly believe dbm is undervalued by many people – ok they are not glossy and have dense text but they give a great game. Many people extol to me the exciting virtues of wab yet I have not found it so personally. Dbm gives an exciting, realistic and entertaining game. The troops interpenetrate each other’s formations. Combat moves back and forward – it is deceptively simple yet such great fun. I have used them for years. They are, in my opinion the best there is around at present ( I will explore dbmm very soon ) and if you haven’t tried them give them a go..
Gentlemen, let me know what you think…


painterman said...

Hi, nice blog on my favoutite historical period.
Am building Swiss-Burgundian wars armies; actually completing the Swiss force to compliment the ducal army that i finished some ten years ago(!). I too have used dbm for this period in the few games I've played. Would be interested to know the site for the Free Company rules please?
many thanks.

tradgardmastare said...

You will find the Free Company rules at

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