Sunday, 8 June 2008

An Army list proposal for DBM

The weather has been great and so I have spent a great deal of time planting, watering and sowing in the garden. We also started clearing our garage - a glory hole if ever anything was !However I have started to plan my force.

CinC - kn (o) Hermann Landgrave of Hesse
6 elements Kn(I) - knights of Neuss and from Hesse
Town of Neuss :
8 elements RegSp(I)- city spearmen
2 elements RegPs (S)- city handgunners
5 elements Reg Bw (O) - city crossbow
2 elements Reg Bd (O)- city guard
1 element Reg Art (S)- bombard
1 element Reg Art (I)- light bombard
2 elements Hd (O) - citizens
5 elements Reg Pk (O)- pikemen
2 elements Reg Bd(O) - swordsmen
3 elements Reg Ps (S) - handgunners

Allied Command City of Cologne
Ally General Kn (O)
2 elements Reg Kn(I) knights of Cologne
5 elements Reg Pk (I) town pikes
1 element Reg Bd (I) town swordsmen
1 element Reg Art (s) bombard
2 elements Reg Ps (S) town handgunners
3 elements Reg Bw (O) town crossbowmen
2 elements RegBd (O) Mercaneries
1 element Reg Hd (O) citizens

All in all around 300 pts for DBM. painting started and much work to do over the Summer...

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